Terms and conditions

Dear guest!

We will make every effort to assure that you have a comfortable stay while in our hotel. This also includes informing you of the terms of the contract, which you acknowledge when making a reservation, and which details your and our obligations.

1. Commencement of the contract

The contract commences as soon as the room/s has/have been booked, confirmed or if confirmation is not possible due to lack of time, is /are held for you. The person/entity making the booking, as well as the client, is jointly and severally liable for all obligations from this contract. Our express written confirmation is required for amendments, modifications and other agreements, no matter of what kind.

2. Arrival and departure

Check-in is at 2:00 pm on the day of arrival and Check-out is at 11:00 am on the day of departure, except for written agreement to the contrary. We suggest that guests requesting a later departure do so at the latest by 9:00 pm the day beforehand. In case of departure between 11:00 am 4:00 pm half the room rate will be charged and if later than 4:00 pm, the full room price shall be paid. Arrivals/rooms should be accomplished/occupied no later than 6:00 pm. If that is not the case, the hotel may dispose of the room unless a later time has been expressly agreed upon.

3. Services and prices

The contractual services are stated in the information in the confirmation of the reservation. The prices agreed upon are inclusive prices. An increase in VAT (Value Added Taxes) after conclusion of the contract shall be charged to the client. By reservations made longer than 4 months in advance of day of arrival the hotel reserves the right to change prices without previous announcement.

4. Payments

The hotel may require an advance payment to hold the reservation. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, payment shall be made, by cash or credit card, at the time of departure at latest. If an agreement on payment against invoice was reached, the person/entity having effected the booking shall settle within 10 days of the date of invoice.

 Payment is accepted in cash (Euros or US dollars) or by means of the following cards:
VISA, Mastercard, as well as the European Maestro or EC-cards.

For all reservations made by persons residing outside of Germany, we require credit card details (VISA or Mastercard), or a down payment in order to hold the booking. Credit card details may be securely transmitted via our secure "Contact" page.

Regardless of your having booked with your credit card information, you may elect to pay by cash or by using a different credit card at the time of departure.

5. Cancellations

All cancellations must be made in writing. In case of cancellation the guest is obliged to pay:

Low Season (November through March) except Holidays
For cancellations made up to 48 hours before arrival - No charge
For cancellations made later, 80 % will be charged of the first night.

High Season (April through October)
for cancellations received...

up to 28 days prior to your scheduled day of arrival, no charge
14 days or less, 80 % of total amount of the entire length of the reservation

Winefest and other special weekends

No free cancellations

Group reservations (more than two rooms) may be handled at a higher rate. The hotel is expected in good faith, to try and let/rent the cancelled rooms to avoid losses.

6. Travel insurance

We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance, which would cover cancellation charges in case of accident, illness etc. Travel insurance is available on this Website.  Just click the link:  https://www.reiseversicherung.de/en/index.html

7. Liability

The contracting party to the hotel, either the guest specifically or the person who has ordered the room, is fully liable to the hotelier for damages caused by themselves or the their guests. Use of the room/s for purposes other than the intent of the contract, shall entitle the hotel to terminate the contract without notice. The claim for renumeration agreed upon, shall not be reduced.

The hotel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if service has become impossible to be performed due to "force majeure" meaning, for example - natural/industrial catastrophe, flooding, terrorism etc. No claims or damages may result from this.

The hotel shall be liable for belongings brought with the guest in accordance with the German Civil Code only if money and valuables have been locked in the room safe.

The hotel shall be liable for the correctness of services described on the hotel homepage and proper performance of the services agreed upon by the contract. The hotel is not liable for services from other hotels to which you may have been transferred or which may have been recommended.

8. Concluding remarks

Changes or additional agreements in difference to this contract must be expressly made in writing. Any judicial disputes leading to a court case must be handled at the "Amtsgericht, 56329 St. Goar, Germany". (Court of law)